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  • Equip 2 Conceal approved by ISP

    Equip 2 Conceal Currently has over a dozen Illinois State Police (ISP) approved FCCL Instructors on staff. If you would like information on your Instructor please contact us at 1-866-371-6111 or Click here to look up your instructor!

  • Why Get a Non-Resident CWP?

    The Utah, Florida, and Arizona Concealed Firearms Permits are three of the most widely-recognized multi-state permits in the United States. Illinois residents in particular should learn more about the benefits of holding a Utah, Arizona, or Florida CWP.

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  • NRA-Certified Firearms Instructors

    All of our instructors are NRA certified, most of which have military backgrounds as officers or enlisted and have served in various duties all over the globe. We also employ instructors with backgrounds from local, state, and federal law enforcement, many of whom have served as law enforcement firearms instructors and SWAT officers.

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Illinois concealed carry permit classes


Attention Illinois residents: you can now register for our Illinois concealed carry classes!


Illinois concealed carry classes

Call 1-866-371-6111 Now or Register Online!

Equip 2 Conceal conducts the firearm safety training required for a concealed weapon permit (CWP). We also offer specialized courses you may take to improve your knowledge and skill with firearms. Our concealed carry classes are very comprehensive: both in developing basic comfort with firearms and understanding the ramifications of carrying and using a firearm. Many of our classes are approved National Rifle Association courses and are taught by a Certified NRA Training Instructor. Using the NRA training method of Total Participant Involvement, the basic concealed carry courses provide hands on learning opportunities in the following areas:

  • Safe firearm handling
  • Firearm parts and operation
  • Ammunition and its function
  • Shooting fundamentals and an opportunity to develop them on the range
  • How to select, clean and store a firearm
  • Review of various activities available to help participants develop and improve their shooting skills

We recommend and hope that you extend your training by taking more advanced classes that Equip 2 Conceal offers, such as our defensive shooting class. Please check our calendar for upcoming classes!

In an effort to plan our schedule and maintain small, manageable class size we require full payment to reserve a position in the class of your choice. Please register online or give us a call.

We also offer an in-home, one-on-one or couples training which provides more personal range time using various caliber firearms.  Feel free to give us a call for more information.

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Why People Choose Equip 2 Conceal

We hire the best to give you the best. All of our instructors are certified by the NRA and have military and law enforcement backgrounds with a total of 347 years of combined experience. Our classes are tailored to the needs of our students, to give them the best possible information for their self-defense needs. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the testimonials that people have left on our page.

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