South Dakota Multi-State CCW Class

Sioux Falls, SD

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Next Class:09/20/2020
Ends on:11/22/2020

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*This class will NOT qualify you for the South Dakota Enhanced Permit*

Class Time: 10am - 1pm

Class Venue: Sioux Falls Fleet Farm

Range Venue: Gary's Gun Shop- 905 W 41st St, Sioux Falls, SD 57105



Course Description

This concealed carry class prepares you for carrying concealed with training requirements to qualify for both your Minnesota and Florida non-resident travel permits. With these permits combined, you can carry in nearly 40 states.

  • Class length: 3 hours
  • Range time: yes
  • NRA-certified instructors
  • Permits covered: South Dakota, Minnesota, and Florida
    Note: this permit combination allows you to carry in nearly 40 states

What to bring:

  • Pre-registration ticket or receipt
  • Something to take notes with
  • State-issued photo ID
  • Do NOT bring weapons or ammunition into the classroom
  • You will need a handgun for range qualification, but rentals are available

Class topics include:

  • The safe loading, unloading, storage, and carrying of firearms to be concealed
  • Current laws defining lawful self defense, use of force by private citizens, including use of deadly force, transportation, and concealment.
  • Pistol operation
  • Pistol cartridges and components
  • Ammunition malfunctions
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Holster selection / concealment techniques
  • Range qualification

Other information:

  • Permits valid for: 5 years for SD and MN, 7 years for FL
  • New permit cost: $10 for SD (may vary by county), $100 for MN, $92 for FL
  • Permit renewal fee: $10 for SD
  • Minimum age: 18+ years old to apply for a SD Permit, 21+ years old to apply for MN and FL
  • Click here to view current permit reciprocity
  • Class price does not include the permit application fee.
  • Permits are not issued in class - you receive a training certificate at the end of class, which you must submit with your application before you will receive your permit.


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Range time and range fee are NOT included unless otherwise specified.

Equip 2 Conceal provides information regarding permit costs and reciprocity between states as a courtesy to our students. While this information is updated to the best of our knowledge, laws can change at any time without prior notice. It therefore is your responsibility to verify the data offered on this website with the issuing authority of your permit and your current state of residence.

By registering for a class, or using any of the links or information provided on, you agree to hold harmless and without liability, Equip 2 Conceal Firearms Group, and you understand that it is your individual responsibility to stay up to date on current laws and reciprocity.